We've all heard the expression, "you are what you eat". I prefer using "you are what you FEED yourself" instead. This concept doesn't just stop at the food you eat. It expands to the energy that you absorb and spew out. Finding the right balance with what you feed your mind, body and soul can be tricky at first. Which is why I'm here to help!

During my one-on-one 1-month VIP coaching program, I will be personally guiding you through your entire #30DaysVegan Challenge.

My VIP coaching program includes:

*Copy of my #30DaysVegan Challenge EBook

*Weekly 1 hr video calls to discuss your obstacles, challenges & help you plan out the upcoming week
*Personalized weekly meal plans that I make for you
*Additional recipes and tips that aren't included in the book
*Access to Unlimited personal texts to answer any questions you may have along the way.

*Additional education on nutrition, psycho-spiritual connections, and the best tools to use.

BONUS: Complete 7-Day Juice Fast Meal Plan 

NO feeling lost 
NO feeling frustrated due to lack of knowledge on what to eat
Let me help you through this so you can complete your challenge with ease!

“There’s a lot to be said about having someone in your circle who can give you phenomenal information about food, the right things to go into your body and sources of great brain food. There are specific people that really eat, live and breath great information when it comes to these things. Whenever I’m about to eat something, I think, ‘Is this going to be Cocktail Dreena approved?’ If not, I try not to eat it. Sometimes I still do, but I'm working on it. Dreena is someone you can reach out to who is going to get back to you reliably, with great information in a timely manner. If your looking for someone who can help you improve your life and live a better lifestyle, then Cocktail Dreena is that person. AND you can get your hands on some of her amazing vegan chocolates!!
-Paul Shanti

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