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OIL -When to use, Which to use, If any at all.

May 31, 2017




Fried chicken, fried french fries, potato chips. Even the vegan version of chicken wings, the infamous cauliflower wings, are preferred, and taste sooo much better when fried. ...and yes that's coming from me.


Most of us are already aware of the fact that fried food is not healthy. Many practitioners, organizations and companies have been telling us that it's about what oil your using. In a sense they are right, but really and truly, frying in ANY type of oil isn't good for your body. Many such as Dr. Sebi have also said that consuming extracted oil period, isn't good for your health.


When I think about this, it makes total sense. It's like sugar. Most think that brown sugar is healthier than white sugar and cane sugar healthier than brown sugar, and coconut sugar healthier than cane sugar, and so on. But once the sugar has been extracted from its source, it has a different effect on the body. So regardless of what fruit it came from, it still has the exact same effect.


Now of course white sugar is the most dangerous, to consume as well as all the white sugar replacements, because it's been completely stripped of all its nutrients and fibre, then chemicals are added to enhance the taste, and synthetic "vitamins" have taken the place of natural nutrients. We'll get into the topic of sugar on another post, but when I compare oil to sugar in this sense, then I have to ask, is consuming extracted oil actually good for us? I say no.


It no longer has the fibre or nutrients to carry it through the body and be used in the way it needs to be. Much like refined or processed sugar still spikes your blood sugar levels regardless if it's white sugar or coconut sugar. The fibre is what helps to slow it down, and the vitamins and minerals help your body to use it for steady and lasting energy production.


So when it comes to oil, extracted oil, foods fried in oil (doesn't matter which one), can still contribute to plaque buildup in your arteries, overburdened or sluggish liver, and seriously uncomfortable symptoms for those with gallbladder problems.


Now let's be super fricken honest for a minute. Many of us aren't going to stop eating fried foods. This is just the hardcore truth, and guess what? I'M ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE! Like heeelllooooo.... I'm from a carribbean decent. You think I can live the rest of my life without fried plantain? Hell Naw! However if I had my gallbladder removed, well than that might be a different story...


Going back to sugar for a second, I mentioned that white sugar was the most dangerous, in terms of side effects and affecting health. So just like sugar, oil has a worst as well. Can you guess which one that is?


Vegetable oil! Vegetable oil is the worst of the worst when it comes to choosing an oil to cook with. It's a man-made industrial oil. Similar to oil that you put into you car? Well I haven't confirmed that, but I do know that it's purely synthetic. Why do you think its so cheap?


Whenever I give a grocery shopping lesson, I always tell my clients to choose the best out of the worst, and balance it out with a shit load of good stuff. So what's the best of the worst when it comes to cooking oil?


A good cooking oil must have a high smoke point and is stable when heated. The more saturated and/or monounsaturated fats an oil contains, the more stable when heated, and less likely to go rancid before its left the pot. The best oil I'd recommend? Avocado oil! Never heat olive or coconut oil. Alternate choices for low-heat cooking are grapeseed oil and sesame seed oil.


When it comes to sauteing things, oil really isn't necessary AT ALL! Just use water. I promise you that as long as your using some fresh and/or dried seasonings, it will still taste awesome. Maybe even better!


So since I'm a really big fan of making shit simple, let's sum it all up with this:


~No! Cooking with Oil is not healthy. Period!

~Is that going to stop us from frying plantains? NO!

~What do we do when we're craving fried plantain? Choose the best out of the worst.

~Which oil is the best out of the worst for frying up that plantain? Avocado Oil!

~What should we use to saute? WATAH (Caribbean for water).

~BALANCE IS KEY!! If adding fried plantains to your dish, then be prepared to also eat a whole lotta good stuff too!


Check out the video below to learn how to make a balanced meal with the tips I've given above!









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