Dairy-Free | Preservative-Free | Plant-Based

Made with zero processed sugar, these gourmet, vegan-friendly chocolate truffles are a treat the whole family can enjoy. 

These delectable treats will excite your taste buds and feed your soul, without compromising your health and wellness. 

 Heavenly Cocoa Bites 

Cocoa Bites

Currently come in 3 flavours...

Cashew Caramel

The Original Cocoa Bite. A sweet chewy caramel-like filling wrapped in our signature cocao & carob, dark chocolate coating.

Ingredients: cashews, cashew butter, dates, organic maple syrup, cocoa powder, raw cocao nibs, unrefined coconut oil, sweetened carob.

Walnut Brownie

For the Chocolate Lovers! Jammed packed with cocoa flavour, and a baked brownie texture, and an underlying sweet taste that nicely compliments the cocoa. 

Ingredients: walnuts, dates, organic maple syrup, cocoa powder, raw cocao nibs, unrefined coconut oil, sweetened carob.

Cocoa Coconut 

Taste the islands with one of these chocolatey treats. Soft crumbly coconut filling, with just the right amount of sweet balancing out the cocao bitterness. 

Ingredients: oragnic unsweetened coconut, dates, organic maple syrup, cocoa powder, raw cocao nibs, unrefined coconut oil, sweetened carob.

See what others have to say about them...

"I bought a Large box of Cocoa Bites for my Mom on Mother's Day, and received a 6 pc box for free. I finished the 6pc the same night. Then I stole from my Mother's big box because I just didn't have my fill yet."

-Felicia Henry-Lee

(Brock University Student)

I can’t even tell you how amazing these Heavenly Cocoa Bites are. They just melt in your mouth. They are so healthy for you, so good for you, so amazing and made with LOVE. You want food that is made with love. Especially food that TASTES GOOD and made with love. AND THEY’RE VEGAN! Even people I know who aren’t vegan love them because they’re just heavenly and made with so much love.

-Randel Adjei
(CEO of R.I.S.E Edutainment)

"I'm telling you guys if you are working out and you have a sweet tooth like me, you've got to get to know Cocktail Dreena and her Heavenly Cocoa Bites! No processed sugar, just cashews, walnut or coconut goodness. For those days when you want something sweet that won't mess with your fitness goals. And they are sooooooo good. Plus her IG page and personal vibe is just dope."

-Gina Ayanna

(Blogger from What Inspires Me)

Cocoa Bites 



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