Meet Dreena!

In the Beginning

Before I began chasing the concept of a Cocktail Lifestyle, physically, mentally, emotionally, I was a complete mess. I

was always so fascinated by all mediums of art and expression and had dreams of pursuing a career in acting, but I

suffered from all kinds of health issues. I was stressed, depressed, overweight and my body was beginning to reflect the

mess that was inside me. The doctors office was not an annual appointment on my calendar, but practically a second

home for me, that provided me with very little answers. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and tried my

best to figure out how to heal myself, so I could express myself as an artist.

The Bad Times

I grew up with severe asthma, was slowly becoming obese, battled depression, and wasn’t at all happy in my own

skin. When puberty came, I began suffering from severe PMS symptoms. You think having to take a few advils is bad?

I had to check myself into the hospital for morphine shots. Thats how severe my cramps were. Without the morphine,

my body would go into shock, and I would literally pass right out!


Doctor Help Me PLEASE!!

For years I was bounced around throughout the medical system. From multiple doctors, ultrasounds & specialists, I

saw them all, and none could provide me with any answers. They would prescribe stronger painkillers, but never

actually helped solve the problem. After discovering large cysts within my ovaries, they suggested surgery to remove


You want to do WHAT??

Whoa… you want to cut me open?… Again??? They had removed my tonsils when I was 11, in hopes of helping me

breath better with my asthma issues, but really it only made things worst! I mean, the purpose of tonsils are to block

infectious bacteria from entering your lungs, by storing antibodies that fight them… Do you know how easy it is for me

to get a chest cold now????


Yeeeeaaaaa…. No thanks!

No way was I about to allow them to cut into me again, so I decided to stop relying on them for answers, and find my


Doctor = Docere (latin) =

To Teach…

I guess I’ll just teach myself!

Thanks to my Mother’s life-long dream of me becoming a doctor one day, I already had a good understanding of the

human body. I recognized that the human body is a wonderful, spectacular machine that’s very capable of healing.

But what does MY body need to HEAL?

Starting with just this question, I began seeking answers. I spoke with anyone who would listen about my health

issues, and my interest in learning how to heal myself. It was the beginning of the most enlightening journey I’d ever

embarked on.

Plants?… Nutrients?…

Along the way, I met a guy who bedazzled me with his charm, and intrigued me with his way of life. He was VEGAN!

At the time I was so ignorant, I had no idea people like him existed. In a society where meat is the standard for every

meal, how was I supposed to know there were actually human beings who lived only off of plants? How could this

be??? After binge watching documentaries galore on veganism, the plant-based lifestyle, I discovered what it was that

actually mattered when it came to food… NUTRIENTS!


I learned that food, was literally fuel, and fuel for the body meant Nutrients! Plants have an abundance of nutrients that

are essential for our bodies. Without them, our bodies do not function optimally, and various symptoms could arise. I

learned that the real cure to my health issues, was NUTRIENTS!! Implementing this information into my everyday

lifestyle, and taking on a plant-based diet, I gained a brand new sense of freedom that I had never experienced before

in my life! I managed to get rid of my asthma symptoms, make my cysts go away, relieve my PMS symptoms, shed the excess weight and trulystart living my life and expressing my most authentic self.

The birth of Cocktail Lifestyle

With this new-found freedom, I realized that I had found all the right ingredients to help me express myself fully. I had

created my very own perfect mix, and blended them to embody a signature cocktail that was like no other. This holistic

blend had helped me to dive into the realm of creativity, and express myself authentically. The moment I realized this,

a strong desire to help other artists feel just as amazing and artistically inspired to express themselves through their

art arose. My passion now lies in helping artistic millennials in all areas of art and self-expression take control of their health

and wellness, so they can continue to share their message to the world.

It’s a Lifestyle change….

Not a trendy diet.

A major part of why I chose to motivate others to live a Cocktail Lifestyle, is because reaching optimal

health isn’t just about trying out a new diet. Achieving Optimal Health requires an entire lifestyle change. It requires

you to build healthy lifestyle habits that will balance out your Body, Mind & Soul! A healthy balance in these 3

extremely important areas is key to unlocking the true potential of your creativity and artistic expression.

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