It's time to



This challenge is for the up and coming go-getter millennials.

I want to challenge the free spirited artistic entrepreneurs, ambitious 9-5 corporate ladder climbers and even those who are doing serious works in the spiritual world, to begin forming new lifestyle habits, and maintain a holistic balance with what you eat!


Let's not wait until we have a heart attack at 40. Or suffer from infertility, low libido, obesity, ovarian cysts, cancer or even erectile dysfunction, for us to make the decision to change our habits and live a healthier lifestyle.

Start turning things around NOW with my



This complete guide was created to help you transition into the vegan world, with basic knowledge on the different ways to be VEGAN!


Within this guide, I've included week by week objectives with smaller challenges, within your #30DaysVegan Challenge, to help you gradually work your way through the 3 different types of Vegan, that I teach you about in chapter 2.

Experience being a Junk Food Vegan with various vegan alternatives in week 1...


Learn about the Building Blocks of Nutrition in week 2...

Transition into a Plant-Based Vegan in week 3...

Finish of your 30 days with a 7DaysRawVegan Challenge in week 4.


Also learn 15 of my super easy to follow, secret recipes!


All the recipes I provide can be used as a base, or topping, in various different meals.


Follow my tips on how to super charge your salads and create a healthy balance with the layers of a Green Smoothie.

Use the week by week meal plan examples I provide to fill out your printable meal plan templates so you can organize and plan out each week. Complete this challenge with a breeze!

Grab my E-Book and complete the challenge on your own,


Sign-up for my VIP Online coaching program and let me personally guide you through the entire 30 days!

Take the Challenge...
and start your new Holistically Balanced Lifestyle TODAY!!